It all started when...

We got sick and tired of Nipple Concealers being marketed only to very young women! From our perspective, silicone nipples covers are an undergarment essential to have on-hand, just like clothing tape or our trusty pair of panties that never gives us panty lines! And if we are going to be spending our money on a product like this, we want it to be high-quality, to work properly, to be reusable, and we want to be able to store it effectively!

Born was Hidden Delicates Silicone Nipple Concealers, a product made for women, by women, and designed to work for women of all ages and breast sizes. A product that can be worn alone or under bras or bralettes for extra protection against pesky nipple appearances. A product that arrives in a sturdy box which can be thrown in a purse, luggage, or underwear drawer and be just as nice when we pull it out in a fashion emergency. 

We are a company that prides ourselves in delivering what we promise and putting the costumer first. We are small but mighty and can't wait to develop more amazing products for you in the future! 

Hidden Delicates Team
SugarWafer LLC